Andy Zhang

Managing Partner @ CYBF,AndyZ & Assoc

Andy is multicultural and multilingual – American-born Chinese but grew up and lived in a number of countries, fitting as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Unlike most “education experts”, he personally attended more than a dozen schools growing up and having gone through the AP, IB, British and Singaporean education systems, as well as deep familiarity with the Korean, Hong Kong and Chinese systems. In addition, he is also a third-party interviewer for US College Admissions and an ex-leader of UC Berkeley alumni club, while helping to build a number of college admissions counseling departments for high schools. Beyond K-12 education, he is also a leader in empowering corporate training, personnel development specialists and recruitment professionals with assessment methodologies and project-based learning andragogy, previously working with Global Fortune 500s and Chinese conglomerates. At present, one of Andy’s biggest projects is the advancement of CYBF(创习), an English language-learning community using innovation projects with weekend offline events, workshops and competitions for all ages, and currently promoted in over 100 malls and supermakets in Shanghai.

Andy Zhang,一个会说多国语言,拥有不同文化背景,出生在美国,成长于不同国家的第三文化男孩。不同于绝大多数的“教育专家”,Andy的童年就读于十几所不同学校,亲身体验过AP,IB,以及英国和新加坡的教育系统,并熟知韩国,香港和中国大陆的教育体系。此外,Andy还担任过美国大学入学招生的第三方面试官和加州大学伯克利分校校友俱乐部的领导,帮助一些高中建立大学入学咨询部。在K12教育之外,他在企业培训,人事发展和招聘等方面也颇有建树,擅长评估方法和基于项目的成人教育,与全球财富500强公司和知名中国企业多有合作。 目前,Andy专注于CYBF(创习)项目。创习是一个适合所有年龄人士的学习社区,就各类创新项目组织周末线下活动,研讨会和比赛等。目前在上海100多个商场和超市内做推广。