David Peachey

Online English teacher @ italki

David has been an active member and teacher in the italki community for almost ten years. A musician and world explorer, David has immersed himself in over thirty countries, lived in eight, and speaks Italian, French, some Slovak and other handfuls of languages. As a result of his experiences, he is able to view language learning from both the instructor’s and learner’s perspectives. He currently teaches English to international students at a private university in Brisbane, Australia.

在过去的十年里,David一直是italki社区的活跃分子,同时也是网站非常受欢迎的老师。作为一名音乐家和世界探索家,David先后到访过全球30多个国家,在其中的8个居住过,会说意大利语,法语,斯洛伐克语等多国语言,因此他能从学生和老师两方面审视语言教育。 目前,David在澳大利亚布里斯班的一所私立大学里教国际学生英语。