DC Collier



DC is the CEO of RIKAI Labs. He’s a serial founder with companies in four continents and 2 exits.RIKAI Labs provide a chatbot platform for WeChat. Our flagship TeacherBot Official WeChat account teaches China’s 400M English language learners through a blend of chatbot and live teachers.

Currently, one teacher plus TeacherBot is able to work with 250 students simultaneously, and 450 students at per hour. TeacherBot does the majority of the instruction and interaction, while the teacher monitors student progress and steps in when either the bot or the student get confused.

The Rikai platform leverages AI and NLP to ensure that as the teacher trains the student, he or she is also training TeacherBot so that in the future, when the student or another student asks a similar question, TeacherBot steps in to answer the question. Rikai Labs’ chatbot platform is available to businesses as a B2B product. Rikai Labs has built chatbots for Visa, Metlife, Publicis, and the talent agency CAA for a variety of verticals that include travel, financial literacy, fan engagement and e-commerce.

DC是RIKAI Labs的首席运营官,他先后在四大洲创办过多家公司,目前仍有两家在正常运营中。 RIKAI Labs提供了一个基于微博平台的在线聊天机器人。 通过聊天机器人+真人教师的模式,我们的官方旗舰微博账号“TeacherBot”向4亿中国英语学习者提供服务。


Rikai平台将人工智能和自然学习过程相结合,以确保在老师指导学生的同时,TeacherBot也掌握了相应的内容,这样以后如果有其他学生提类似问题的时候,TeacherBot可以来回答。 Rikai Lab的机器人聊天平台也对为企业用户服务,客户包括Visa,Metlife, Publicis和CAA等国际知名公司。