Jemma Xu

CEO @ Tripalocal Group

Originally born in Melbourne, Jemma spent her early childhood in Beijing, her parents’ hometown. This unique background gave her an appreciation of both countries’ cultures and the importance of strong language acquisition.

To help Chinese gain a deeper understanding of other cultures, Jemma started Tripalocal, which connects Chinese schools and students with international educational programs.

Tripalocal now works directly with universities in Australia, New Zealand, and the US to deliver programs that all have an underlying focus on innovation and education technology. Tripalocal closed an angel round of A$850,000 in 2015 led by a Chinese VC and was a finalist in the 2017 Australia-China Business Awards. Jemma was recently a Distinguished Finalist in the 2016 Australia China Young Alumni of the Year Awards.

出生在澳大利亚墨尔本,Jemma Xu的童年却是在父母的家乡,北京,度过的。这一独特的背景使得Jemma对两国文化背景都有好感,同时她也对语言习得的重要性有更深刻的了解。 为了帮助中国学生更深入的了解其他文化,使中国的学生和学校有更多机会接触到国际教育项目,Jemma创办了教育邦国际。教育邦现在和澳大利亚,新西兰及美国的大学直接合作,向中国学生提供注重创新和教育技术的合作项目。 2015年,教育邦获得了由中国风投公司主导的85万澳币的天使轮融资,获得中澳商会2017年中澳商业特别奖并入围决赛名单;同时Jemma本人也入选了2016年澳中杰出校友奖的决赛名单。