Joseph Lemien

@ Vericant

Joseph started studying languages when he entered college and began learning Chinese, and since then Joseph has lived primarily in Beijing with periods in Spain, Brazil, and the USA, studied Spanish, learned Portuguese independently, and begun to dabble in French. In the past he has worked as a language teacher for both English and Chinese, worked as a part of the Fluent in 3 Months team, and is currently based in Beijing working with Vericant. He is a big fan of self-study, spaced repetition, and data, and he is just starting to explore Python and machine learning.

进入大学后,Joseph对语言学习产生了兴趣,开始学习包括中文在内的各种语言。虽然常驻北京,但是Joseph先后在西班牙,巴西,美国等地短暂生活过,并自学了西班牙语和葡萄牙语,对法语也略有涉猎。 Joseph曾经教过英文和中文,也在Fluent in 3 Months团队工作过。目前Joseph就职于维立克留学面试。他热衷于自学,间隔重复和数据研究,目前开始探索Python语言和计算机学习两个领域。