Marjorie Dodson

COO @ Tripalocal Group

Marjorie fell in love with China’s culture and language in high school. She went on to study East Asian studies at Wesleyan University and spent a semester in Kunming with the CET Middlebury program. Marjorie later continued her Chinese study at IUP at Tsinghua University. In China, she has lived in Harbin, Xi’an, Kunming, Lijiang, and Beijing.

Before joining Tripalocal, Marjorie was a policy analyst in Beijing with a focus on the education sector. This experience sparked an interest in getting an on-the-ground understanding of the industry, which led her to Tripalocal. At Tripalocal, Marjorie focuses on developing partnerships both domestically and abroad, and helps partners keep abreast of trends in the education sector.

早在高中时,Marjorie就爱上了中国文化和中文,因此她进入了卫斯理大学东亚研究院,并花了一个学期的时间在昆明参与CET Middlebury项目。毕业后她继续在清华大学学习中文。Marjorie先后在哈尔滨,西安,昆明,丽江和北京等多个中国城市生活过。 在加入教育邦国际之前,她在北京担任政策分析师,主攻教育领域。这段工作经历让她对教育行业有了深入的了解,并最终促成她加入教育邦。目前,她在公司内负责国内外合作伙伴维护,并帮助他们紧跟教育领域的新趋势。