Stephanie Fuccio

Language Learning Vlogger, YouTube @ Changing Scripts

After moving back to China in early 2017, Stephanie decided to utilize her decade of language teaching experience and her mobile phone camera to volunteer herself as a solo language learning research subject. Changing Scripts, her YouTube channel, follows her along in the process of learning to read Chinese via mobile apps, websites, and social media.

在2017年初搬回中国后,Stephanie决定把自己作为一个独立的语言学习研究对象,她把十多年的语言教学经验融入到自己的中文学习中,并用手机记录下了整个过程。为此她创建了自己的YouTube频道:Changing Scripts,里面收录了关于她如何用手机应用,网页和社交媒体学习中文的所有相关视频。