Tetsu Yung

Author @ Pampers to Polyglot

Tetsu Yung was born to a Taiwanese father and a Japanese mother, and spent his childhood years in Taiwan, where he learned to speak Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Haka very early in his childhood. Then he was sent to an American elementary school in Taipei, where he learned to speak English, after which he was sent to a French high school in the little town of Rigaud, in Quebec, Canada. After high school, he would learn Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese in school or on his own to varying degrees of success. Today, Tetsu considers himself fluent in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. However, as the father of a 5 year-old son, 3 year-old daughter, and another new born son, Tetsu’s mission now is not to learn more languages, but to raise his kids to become multilingual just like himself.

Tetsu Yung – 《小屁孩到语言天才》作者

Tetsu的父亲来自台湾,母亲来自日本,他在台湾度过了童年时光,学会了中文,日文,台湾话。 在台北的美国学校里Testu学会了英语,随后他去了加拿大魁北克,在当地的法语高中里学会了法语。高中毕业后,Testu通过自学或语言学校先后学会了西班牙语,德语,意大利语和葡萄牙语。作为一个5岁的儿子、3岁的女儿和另一个新生儿子的父亲,Tetsu觉得他接下来最大的挑战不是学习更多的语言,而是如何把孩子们培养成和他一样的多语言家。