Tracy Mehoke

Manager of italki Teacher Services @ italki

Tracy is an organizer of Shanghai’s edtech community, and manager of italki teacher services, where she supports thousands of online teachers of over a hundred languages. Originally from the United States, and with 10 years of experience in language learning and teaching, Tracy has spoken on topics about languages, education, and machine learning at events including Shanghai Barcamp, The Polyglot Gathering, and LangFest.

Tracy是上海教育科技社区的组织者,同时也是itaki教师服务部的经理,每天向过百种语言的数千名老师提供支持服务。 Tracy来自于美国,在语言学习和教学方面拥有十多年的工作经验,并多次在上海Barcamp, The Polyglot Gathering和LangFest等活动中就语言,教育和机器学习等话题做过演讲。